Interracial Marriage

While growing more accepted by many cultures, an interracial marriage is one that can be very difficult on both husband and wife, as well as their families. Before you enter a marriage of this nature, you should take the time to consider the problems that you will face, and make certain that the decision is right for you.

While racism is in decline, it is still a predominate part of society. While interracial marriage is growing more common, many of these relationships end in tragic divorce. This is, in part, due to the pressures of peers and the criticism both members of the union endure. While prior to marriage, these problems seem small, they grow over time as tolerance to the situation wears thin. This is why it is so important to consider racism and how common it is where you live prior to agreeing to marriage.

One solution to discrimination while in an interracial marriage is to move to an area that is more accepting. This can cause rifts in the families of both sides of the partnership, but may be what is needed to allow the marriage to succeed. This is something that should be discussed by both parties in detail, as moving right after marriage can be extremely stressful and cause problems of their own.

While there are disadvantages to interracial marriage, there are also benefits as well. As it is proven that the genetics between different races and cultures vary, blending genetics across two cultures can be beneficial to the children. For example, black women are more likely to have breast cancer than white women. By having children that are half white and half black, they have a chance of gaining a resilience to some forms of cancer from the other parent. This diversity can be beneficial to your future children.

In addition to this, your children will be more likely to be less racist than a child born of the same race of people. As they will learn perspectives from both parents, it is less likely for them to be intolerant of someone of a different race or culture. This will help their chances of succeeding at an interracial marriage, should they find a partner of a different race or culture from them.

It should be remembered that there will almost always be more problems than benefits from an interracial marriage until there is more acceptance of those of different cultures and skin tones. If you are in love with someone from a different race, you need to make certain that your partner is as ready as you are to handle the problems that will occur after you are wed.