Loveless Marriage

There are some circumstances where you may be trapped in a loveless marriage. While these marriages were most common hundreds of years ago, there are still arranged marriages in some cultures. More commonly, loveless marriages now stem from a pair of people joining in matrimony too young and without knowing what they truly want in life. Over time, their love for their partner fades, and they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

While divorce is an option for some, there are many who do not believe in divorce, and would rather remain in a loveless marriage than break the basic principles they have founded their life upon. If you are one of these types of people, there is still hope. There are things that you can do to transform a loveless marriage into a working partnership.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind if you are battling in a loveless marriage is that change will not happen overnight. While you may want to see immediate results, it takes both of you working together to come to any resolutions at all. A councilor may come in useful here, as he or she can mediate the discussion between you and your partner. This is vital in relationships that have been particularly strained. They may also be able to see more clearly to the heart of your issues, and give suggestions on resolutions that you have not thought of.

The worst type of loveless marriage is the one where either you or your partner want to make no efforts in correcting the situation, but refuse to separate. These change be very challenging for both partners, and can cause a great deal of stress. If you are in one of these relationships, taking steps to avoid confrontation is key. Both distance and time can go a great way in naturally easing problems between two people, as the reasons for the differences are no longer fresh.

If you are in a loveless marriage that is turning violent, it is vital that you leave the situation immediately. If you have no friends to resort to or can get in contact with, the police can offer assistance if your relationship is turning violent. Domestic violence tends to stem from loveless marriages due to the lack of feelings between partners. If you fear you are in this situation, a councilor, mediation or direct intervention by police may be necessary for your safety.