Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates are important to remember while you are planning your wedding. These certificates are the license that allow you to get married in the state your wedding takes place in, as well as legal proof that you are indeed married. This is important for taxation purposes. As you cannot claim your spouse on your taxes unless you have the proper documentation, you will want to make certain that your marriage certificates are in order.

There are several ways that you can acquire marriage certificates. The easiest way is to hire a wedding planner, who will make the arrangements for you. They will work around your schedule to plan a time and date for you to appear at the local courthouse to acquire the certificate. These certificates are usually acquired under oath, and require those being wed to appear to get them. The laws governing this vary depending on state or province, however. You should do your research to find out how long a certificate is valid for prior to your marriage.

If you want to acquire your marriage certificates on your own, it is as simple as planning on appearing at a courthouse, taking an oath, and paying the fee to have the certificate made. Until the wedding, the certificate stands as a license that allows you to be wed. Once you are wed and it is signed off on as legal, this document is your proof of marriage.

Marriage certificates are important documents. As such, you should take the time and effort to protect them once acquired. These certificates can be used in identity theft and fraud. If you have lost a certificate, you will want to make certain that you run credit checks on yourself, as it contains data that can be used to establish credit cards in your name.

There are many situations where you will need extra copies of your marriage certificates. If you plan on moving to another country or wish to establish a mortgage, you may be asked to present documentation proving that you are married. This is standard, as this documentation is sufficient evidence that you are indeed married. There is a general assumption that married couples are more financially stable, which is beneficial for those seeking a line of credit or a mortgage. It is also in your favor in terms of immigrations, as couples are more viable in a new country than single individuals.

If you need to replace your marriage certificates, you will need to contact the county or province you were wed in and request a copy of the certificate. There is usually a fee associated with replacement copies.