Marriage Encounter

A marriage encounter weekend is a good way for religious minded couples to find ways to improve their relationship without the pressures of a marriage counselor or group participation. By combining a seminar that is done as a large group, but has no discussion, couples can learn techniques on how to improve their marriage while being given time to reflect on the things they have listened to during the group lectures.

A marriage encounter weekend works by a couple booking into the hotel where the convention is taking place. They will attend several sessions over the course of the weekend that addresses common issues that are faced by couples in the modern world. The lectures are done by couples who have been through many of the same things that you are a facing. There are Priests on hand at the lectures, as well.

What a marriage encounter weekend is not is several things. First and foremost, it is not a counseling session. There are no trained counselors on staff. Priests are there to observe and pray, though they may be approached with questions. Those leading the lectures discourage group discussion, as the weekend is designed for a man and wife to reflect on their marriage. It is a very open session, allowing couples to attend sessions as they see fit, and retreating to their rooms.

During a weekend marriage encounter, all necessities are covered. There is a fee for signing up into the program, and all couples are asked to pay a donation after the weekend is finished. It is designed in this way so that all couples that are attending are able to focus on what matters: building their relationship with their spouse.

A marriage encounter weekend happens multiple times across the year in hundreds of locations. This lets couples from around the world to find one that is close to them. With several different organizations that run encounters, there is something for everyone. There are even marriage encounter weekends that do not have any affiliations with religious groups, though these are far fewer. This is due to the fact that marriage tends to be viewed as a religious function rather than a purely lawful one.

If you are interested in a marriage encounter weekend, you will have to plan in advance. Registrations must be done well before the event takes place so that preparations can be made by the organizers. You will usually need to register at least several weeks prior to the event.