Marriage Proposal Ideas

For those in need of marriage proposal ideas, knowing the traditions of the potential bride's family can be a huge asset. As many women expect some ties in tradition for her proposal, that is a good place to start.

When you are considering marriage proposal ideas, there are a few things you definitely should not do. Among them are elaborate plans to hide expensive rings. By risking the ring, you risk your proposal turning sour on you. While embedding the ring on top of a cake or in her glass of white wine may seem clever at first, not only do you risk damaging the ring, it also runs risk of being swallowed. You should also try to avoid giving the ring to someone else to give to her, as this lacks personal touch.

Marriage proposal ideas that have been successfully used for generations include engagement parties, where the potential groom arranges a gathering of friends and family and asks his beloved in front of everyone. This practice is done by many religious groups, as well as by Italians and those of other cultures. However, you should be fairly confident that she will say yes before staging this sort of elaborate party.

For those of you who are less certain, a few good marriage proposal ideas include asking over a fine dinner in a fancy restaurant, asking her after cooking her a home cooked meal, or taking a romantic stroll through a scenic area and proposing there. You want to propose when the atmosphere is romantic and you two have the chance to be alone.

If you already live with your partner, you can make use of marriage proposal ideas such as breakfast in bed with the ring being presented to her shortly after she has woken up, or you can take her on a vacation and propose to her while you are traveling together.

Something important to remember when considering marriage proposal ideas is that all of the effort you will put in is to appeal to your future partner. If she enjoys something specific that you do not, consider it a sacrifice to the greater good, and do it. If she knows you well, and understands that it is something that you would not normally do, she will understand the effort that you are putting in. This will make a good impression upon her.

If in doubt, ask her close friends and family for advice and marriage proposal ideas. There is no shame in asking, especially when it improves the odds of establishing a good future with that someone you love.