Open Marriage

An open marriage is one of the best relationships that you can hope for. By having a relationship where there is trust between both partners, it is much easier to face problems. Inherent honesty within a relationship allows for each person to know that their spouse will do as he or she promised, which is vital for a lasting union.

However, obtaining an open marriage is not easy. It requires that you do not lie to your partner or try to hide things from him or her. This can be extremely difficult, as telling the truth is more often difficult than easy. While ideal, it takes two people to have an open marriage. One person doing all of the work and being honest all of the time will not help a marriage. In many cases, it will breed resentment in the person who is trying, and a sense of superiority for the other partner. Because of this, deciding on an open marriage is something that has to be a joint decision.

While it is very difficult to develop an open marriage, it is equally difficult to maintain it. Trust is something that is hard to earn and easy to destroy. An affair, for example, runs a very high chance of permanently destroying any chances of maintaining an open marriage. Lying on small matters can also tear apart the foundation of one of these marriages. In order for an open marriage to work, both partners must live a lifestyle of honesty and loyalty. If these are not traits that both partners share, an open relationship is virtually impossible.

Before you enter into an open marriage, you should consider counseling. A counselor will be able to sit down with both of you and discuss the benefits and disadvantages to an open marriage, as well as teach you skills that you will need to make it succeed. While it takes a lot more work to make it happen, an open marriage offers many personal and financial awards.

A common trait of an open marriage is the sharing of bank accounts. Regardless of if one or both individuals are making funds, open relationships tend to have a mutual bank account they share money from. This lets them pool their finances and budget accordingly. This is one of the greatest benefits to an open marriage, as the sharing of accounts and finances makes it much easier for a couple to survive in struggling economies.

If you want an open marriage, speak to your partner. Working together is the only way that you can make it happen.