Virtual Marriage Certificates

A virtual marriage certificate is a fun way to express your admiration or love for someone without the dedication or time involvement of an actual wedding. Through use of online tools, you can propose, wed and even divorce someone at the click of a mouse. Designed to be fun social tools, these services are non-legally binding, allowing couples to pretend they are wed.

Acquiring a virtual marriage certificate is simple. Fill out a form with the proper information, and submit it to the website. The website will then generate your certificate and either display it on your screen or email it to you. These certificates can be printed as as a keepsake or general amusement.

If you need a real, valid marriage certificate, a virtual marriage certificate will not suffice. Due to the fact that it is done on the internet, no government will hold them as legal. They are meant for entertainment purposes only. If you need a certificate for immigrations purposes, you will also have to prove that the relationship is valid, through support of friends and family, photographs and other evidence that it is a true relationship. While online dating is a very popular method of meeting people, online marriages will not be able to take the place of appearing in a courthouse, acquiring a proper license, and being wed.

What a virtual marriage certificate can do for you is give you an idea if you are ready to tie the knot with someone, or go through a practice run at being virtually wed. This is growing in popularity, as divorce rates have increased enough that people are wanting to be more certain about whether or not they want to be wed. By participating in a virtual ceremony, you can enjoy the process of a marriage, which can help you prepare for the real thing. Some simulators are extremely detailed, which make them highly useful. As most simulators also include divorces, you can get an understanding of the effects of a divorce without having to actually experience.

If you are married and play with virtual marriage certificates with someone online that is not your spouse, this can be used against you. It is suggested that if you are wed to someone legally, you avoid these venues. While the virtual marriage certificates are not legally binding, they can be viewed as extra-marital relationships, which can cause problems between you and your legal spouse.